and Inspiring

Motivate, Energise, Inspire

In every batch of school, college and university leavers there is a group that needs that little bit of extra help.

The proactive, self-motivators of your class year will ensure they are ‘job ready’ with all the tools, learning and knowhow to ensure they get the job of their dreams. There will be a few who cannot or will not.


  • Roles/Jobs of interest
  • We discuss the roles and jobs of interest to the students
  • Blockers to getting there
  • Group discussion on what they feel are their personal blockers to getting their ideal job.
  • What makes me different?
  • Why do they feel they can’t achieve while others can.
  • Consequences and Rewards
  • Interaction with the group regarding what he consequences are of not getting into employment and the rewards if they do.


  • CV’s, Applications, Interviews

It’s not rocket science – Top tips, formats, examples and guidance on how to overcome these seemingly daunting areas of employability. Students will start or complete their CVs during this session. They will go through mock interviews and feedback.


  • Facilitated learning ensures students are able to carry that learning forward themselves.
  • Ensuring students have the ability to perform in interviews and complete the documents required independently.
  • These groups include students of no more than 10 in each session and takes them through a programme of discovering where they would like to go, what they need to do and how they need to get there.
Currently Working With

  • Sevenhill GroupConsultant and Coach - supporting leaders to inspire, develop and equip their teams to deliver greater business results.
  • Education Sector - Working with Schools, Colleges and Universities delivering our employability programmes
  • Growth Accelerator – Business coach working with Micro businesses and SME’s, building a successful growth strategy and unlocking their capacity for innovation.
  • Book My Trainer – On the Advisory Board supporting the strategy and growth for the world’s first online training portal.
  • Let’s Do Business – Business Mentor for this not-for-profit organisation supporting job seekers to start their own businesses.