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Leadership Development

How often are your Leaders trained? Do you have regular skill bite sessions? Where are the gaps and what needs to be done to ensure they are skilled and trained to the highest level? How often do you have secondments – working cross departmentally can hugely improve morale and benefit departments as learning is transferred from one area of the business to the other.

  • We develop your leadership team to create the greatest possible impact on the business.
    Challenge: Strong leadership at every level
    Solution: Robust training and coaching to ensure leaders are effective and productive. For example – one of the first rules of leadership is to be self aware – our programmes address this and more.
  • We up skill managers in performance management
    Challenge: Dealing with the day to day logistics and problem solving between management and employees.
    Solution: Helping leaders/managers to recognise that it is dealing with all areas of the person. Their aspirations, their job satisfaction, their concerns, their work related issues. It is only by addressing and supporting all of these that performance transformation takes place. Our workshops, coaching and mentoring address all of these.
  • We transform the performance of leaders to ensure customer and employee retention.
    Example of one challenge: Engagement of customers and employees Service delivery excellence is cascaded from the top down. If your leaders are not engaged neither will your customers or employees.
    Solution: Good leaders recognise the importance of employees and skills matching. Creating a robust team with varying degrees of strength and skill is just one of the elements in creating an engaged workforce. Our programmes and coaching enables this to happen.
Currently Working With

  • Sevenhill GroupConsultant and Coach - supporting leaders to inspire, develop and equip their teams to deliver greater business results.
  • Education Sector - Working with Schools, Colleges and Universities delivering our employability programmes
  • Growth Accelerator – Business coach working with Micro businesses and SME’s, building a successful growth strategy and unlocking their capacity for innovation.
  • Book My Trainer – On the Advisory Board supporting the strategy and growth for the world’s first online training portal.
  • Let’s Do Business – Business Mentor for this not-for-profit organisation supporting job seekers to start their own businesses.